How and When you Should use Chatbots?

How and When you Should use Chatbots?

As the way marketing are evolving, with every passing day we want to get closer to our consumers. Conversation and interaction are the only way that you can fill the gap between you or your brand and your consumers. But to attend a lot of visitors or in starting day on business, it’s hard to appoint a lot of manpower for many of the brands.

So, what is the solution?

Should you make more pressures on existing consumers attending staffs or is there any other solution available?

Of course, you have already heard about the chatbots, and these days bots are quite popular. On many digital platform you already have interacted with these bots, have you found any difference in experience?

What do you think, to contact through ‘Contact Us’ page was more efficient?

Absolutely not, if at the same time of visiting, I can get more information about any particular products or offers then why I will not grab that?

But at the same time, you must had noticed that bots are getting use only by some particular websites or we can say digital platforms. So, how you’ll get to know that,

How and when you should use Chatbots?

First you should know that when you should use the chatbots for your business?

Use chatbots only, when it makes sense. Not just cause of fascination and all are using the chatbots. You need to dig your requirements;

Do you really need a chatbot?

Why People use Chatbots? If you’re asking this then you need to know the main motive behind setting up and using the chatbots.

The simplest answer for this question could be “to provide a simple, interactive and streamlined process.”

For example, if you’re looking for a bit of information from visitors then you can go for the forms, you don’t need to streamline that process and make a sequence in Chatbot. That would be more tedious for you and your visitors too.

If you want to offer the free eBook on any topic and for that you want collect a bit of information from the downloading person, then you can create the small form or call to action button. Just for downloading an eBook if I’ll need to interact with the chatbots and answer those 1000 times already asked questions then I’ll bit frustrate and may be get back with downloading the file and entering the data.

Chatbots are double edge swords, it can backfire you too. If chatbots will be boring and quite machiny in sound then people would not love to interact with it. In this case you’ll get worst results then the forms.

What are you trying to accomplish?

You need to be very clear that, what are you trying to accomplish finally.

Because you’ll need planning to design your chatbot sequence and if you’ll don’t have a proper plan or idea, then you’ll kill lot of your precious time being unproductive.

Why & when you should use Chatbots?


Chatbots are best for conversation. You should create or set up the chatbots to start a conversation with your consumers or visitors.

Approx. every business need to convert the leads into customer and for this you need to interact and talk with the leads. Chatbot helps you here, forms will only let you collect some data. But through chatbots you can build the trust with your visitors via your statements and your set up auto typed sentences.

What is the main problem with the forms are that, they are the objective oriented. You need to describe a little bit before asking for the information and then you can create some fixed fields and ask your visitors to fill them.

But with chatbots you can engage your visitors into multiple conversations and it has ability to change their mind.

There are a lot of case studies, those shows that if any consumer wants to subscribe for basic plan then a well setup chatbot pushes him to go for the mid end subscription. Chatbots have great conversion percentage via conversation.

Chatbots are great for building 1 – 1 relationship

Chatbots are great to boost up your inbound marketing strategy.

Afterall everyone wants to be special, unique and heard. And chatbots will let them feel the same. If your leads or consumers will feel that you are giving them a superior experience and they are special for you, they would love to be with you.

Just to collect the leads and convert then is meaningless if they will not feel special with you or with your brand.

Why we need 1-1 relationship with consumers?

Quality is preferred over quantity and we know that. 1-1 relationship always show your quantity and it also represent that you are not addressing a crowd, they think that you want to give same respect to all your consumers.

Use chatbots to eliminate the dead time

You know “Dead Time”, right?

If no, then let me explain a little bit. Dead time is the time frame which goes unproductive. For example, suppose your customer wants to have support for any topic, then they will prefer the live chat for as first preference.

What if your chat executive will take 3 minutes to connect with that particular customer?

Those 3 minutes were unproductive for them and in many cases, consumers hate this. Chatbots can engage your customers in those dead time by keep talking to them and able to offer the discounts or any good subscription.

Meanwhile your executives will able to prepare themselves to attend them.



We will discuss in detail that how to create your chatting sequence in your chatbot according to your business. It will get discussed in the next article and we will have more idea that how we can make this chatbot more efficient for your business.

Meanwhile we are eagerly waiting for your feedback on this article.

Indian Market Report 2018, Trend and Survey

Indian Market Report 2018, Trend and Survey

Hey folks, Today we’ll talk bout, one of the most targeted market in the world ”India”.

For every scale business ‘India’ is their one of the favorite places to market and attract the consumers from.

Very first start the Indian Market Report with easy numbers.

India is second largest country in terms of population, and sixth largest in terms of economy. Its population is approx. 135 crore and counting.

Now you can understand that why every business is excited to enters into India. If 1% of population even would adopt their products, that also would be a very big number.

Now we will dig this number a bit deeper to understand the Indian Market scenario in more detail.

Let’s start Indian Market report 2018 with Indian population


Very first categorization on the basis of gender. In India gender gap is bit high, but gap is closing day-by-day and may be till next decade situation would be normal.

In present time 69.7% of Indian population is Male and only 30.3% are female.


There is one more number, which is not so proudful for us as Indian, that is Indian educational situation.

59% of Indian public is 12th passed or lower only 41% population have completed their education of graduation or higher.

Indian govt. is trying hard and launches some new, helpful and attractive schemes to improve this number and till some extent these schemes are successful even.

Now talk about the power factor of India

In Indian market report 2018 you’ll find it  interesting to research and know the Indian consumer, because India is the youngest country in the world.

Here, have a look these numbers into detail.

42.5% of population is between 16-24 yrs. Of age.

31.5% of population is between 25-34 yrs. Of age.

14.6% public’s age is between 35-44 yrs.

7.8% people are between 45-54 yrs. Of age.

3.5% are aged between 55-64 yrs.

If you’ll add all the number then it would become approx. 100% because the participants of survey was 16-64 yrs. Of age. If you’ll add the population from the age ‘0’ to ‘maximum’ then numbers would change slightly and it will become more vogue to analyse.

Now, it’s time to categorize this large number according to their context of living area.

Indian Population according to their living context

India is called the country of villages. But numbers are saying something else.

68.5% population lives in ‘Urban’ areas.

18.7% population lives in ‘semi-urban’ areas, &

12.8% population lives in Rural areas.

Of-course, here the definition of ‘Urban’ & ‘Semi-Urban’ could be debatable, but even after changing the parameters slightly, this number would not change on large scale.

Indian Consumer Lifestyle

Now, look into their lifestyle. Let’s segment these 135 cr. People according to their lifestyle.

To understand the Indian market and consumers, it is very important to know about their lifestyle.

Donating to charity

3.6% people use to donate in charity regular.

16.6% of population semi-regular in charity

68.8% are occasional donators for charity.

10.9% never use to engage with the charity program.

Now, talk about “Drink Alcohol”

9.2% are regular drinkers.

15.2% are semi-regular drinkers.

29.6% use to drink alcohol occasionally.

44.5% public do-not use to drink alcohol.

Another segmentation category is driving a car

24.8% people use to drive regular.

21.1% drive on semi-regular basis

22.2% people occasionally drives a car.

32.0% people never use to drive cars.

Next segmentation is Eating fast food

Of course we will see some exciting numbers here.

35.6% people use to eat fast food regular

16.8% are semi-regular

40.5% are occasional fast-food eaters

7.1% are never use to eat fast-food

We really don’t have any idea that how these 7% people use to survives?

Now, the next segmentation is

“Eat out at restaurant”

11.6% are regular in visiting the restaurant,

39.9% are semi-regular in this context,

43% are occasional visitors and

5.2% people do not engage themselves in this lifestyle.

Food delivery services in India is also a reason, why some people are occasional or semi-regular in going out the restaurant and eat there.

Numbers in next lifestyle for Indians are quite surprising. Next lifestyle segment is


13.0% people go abroad very often cause of their business.

21.9% are semi-regular in this segment.

13.5% people occasional have foreign business trip, &

51.6% never go foreign country for their business work.

Other lifestyle segment is

“Vacation in home country”

41.9% people use to spend their vacation in home country, and

39.8% are semi-regular in this segment.

11.0% people use to be in foreign in their vacation days & occasional they use to pass their vacation in home country.

7.3% people love to pass their all vacation in foreign country.

If we’ll talk about the segment

“Vacation Abroad”

then numbers are actually opposite of previous segment with slight changes

12.8% people, regularly be in abroad for their vacation

25.9% people are semi-regular to going abroad in every vacation

18.6% people occasionally go abroad on vacation

42.8% people never go on vacation abroad.

Next segment in lifestyle is very important number and that is

“Use public transport”

33.4% people use public transport on regular basis.

31.4% people use public transport, but not much on regular basis they are considered as semi-regular users.

31.2% people occasional use public transport, they love to use their own vehicle

4.0% are never used public transport.

These was the 10 lifestyle segment and their survey result. By these numbers you could have many ideas about Indian consumer and your marketing campaigns or strategy for marketing campaigns would have many helpful data about Indian market for business.

Now, have a look on

Top 10 interest of Indians

Music:- 63% Indians mark music as their first interest, Indian loves music. What do you think, what could be the second after music.

Yes, movies. Films/Movies got 57% vote, this is one of the reason that India is the biggest producer of films of different languages of every genre.

You know what, Food/Restaurant/Cooking is the third most interested thing in India with 49%.

Actually, Indians loves Science & Technology as same as 49%.

Quite curious people to know about Science & Tech buzz.

45% are interested to talk or listen about Gadgets.

43% people interested in Travelling & exploring new places.

By the way same percentage of people, 43% are interested in Television.

Health & Fitness is the interest for 41% of people.

39% Indians are interested in Books/Reading.

Same number, 39% people in India are interested in Personal Healthcare.

This all numbers and data was on population and their interests.

Now talk something about Indians behavior on different-different context.

Behavior of Indian Consumers – Indian Market Report 2018

According to a report, in 2012,

26% Indian mobile users were spending the 01:26 (HH:MM) daily on mobile, but things changes very rapidly and in 2017 it reaches to 03:25 (HH:MM) by 46% of Indian mobile users.

Why and how it got increased it’s a discussion and we will discuss on this topic in later article.

And now here is the data of time spent online by Indians per day on avg. people of age group 16-24 spent 03:46 (HH:MM) online on any PC, desktop, tablet & same age group spent 03:44 (HH:MM) time online on Mobile phone.

Age group of 25-34 spent 04:25 (HH:MM) online on laptop or PC and spent 03:44 (HH:MM) on avg. on mobile.

35-44 age group people spent 04:17 (HH:MM) online on PC/desktop/tablet on avg. daily and 3 hrs. on mobile everyday.

People of age 45-54 spent daily 4 hrs. online on PC/Laptop & on avg. they daily spent 02:09 (HH:MM) online on mobile.

People of 55-64 spent their 03:33 (HH:MM) online on desktop or laptop daily on avg. approx. 01:55 (HH:MM) on mobile for being online.

India is not one of those countries who adopted the voice search or voice commanding option. But in research approx. 49% people use tech in last month. This 49% is the number of all devices, if we will categories it into devices, then mobile will get 34%, computer/Laptop will get 21% & tablets have the least 5%.

Next 2 figures are important for the mobile market and tech market.

Which brand’s mobile Indian own or want to own

In the last month of 2018, top mobile brands in India and their market share was like this.

According to Indian Market Report 2018, 35% people owned “Samsung” and 44% choose this brand as their first preference for next upgrade.

Very far away from leader, but ‘Xiaomi’ got the second place by 17% and 18% choose this brand for their next upgrade.

Third position is owned by the delicate ‘iPhone’ and 42% people want to own this brand in their next upgrade. Which could be disturbing no. for the leader ‘Samsung’.

Unexpectedly, Lenovo is on fourth place by 12% and only 10% choose this brand as their preference for their next upgrade.

10% have Motorola and 14% prefer this as their preference for next upgrade. Which is quite good number in comparison of its parent brand ‘Lenovo’.

Now, here is the number, by which you can have a great idea that how frequently and who replace their mobile per year in India.

If we’ll talk about the age group 16-24, then 58% of the age group members have plans to change their mobile phone in next 12 months.

72% people of age 25-34 group have plan to change mobile phone in next 12 months.

71% of 35-44 age group planning to change their in next 12 months.

66% from the age group 45-54 &

60% from the age group of 55-64 yrs. Are planning to change or upgrade their mobile phones in or within next 12 months.

In this segment we see the least number from the age group of 16-24 yrs. We should keep this in mind that this age group Indian, generally do not earn money.

Continued in Indian Market Report 2018 part- 2

This was about the Indian consumer’s lifestyle and behavior on different context.

In the next part of Indian Market Report 2018 part 2 we will have a detailed look on the 2 different and important figures for business. That is Type of Media consuming by Indian consumer and how Indians love to use their second screens and in last we will discuss in detail on the behavior of Indian consumer for e-commerce marketplace.

Will have a detailed report and look, full buying behavior. From discovering a product to own that.

If you’ve any suggestion or advice on this first part of India market report 2018, then please mention those all in comment box.
Thanking you for now and will see you soon in the next part of Indian Market report 2018.

How to Successfully Market to Millennial Moms

How to Successfully Market to Millennial Moms

Moms are the rapidly emerging market and nobody can deny this fact. Parenting and baby care are one of the most tedious and responsible tasks in real life. Doesn’t matter how successful you are professionally, the same you can achieve in parenting is not guaranteed.

If you’re a mom or soon to be then tasks are more tedious for you and to make these tedious tasks an easier task is the main aim of this new emerging market.

If you’re connected to this Mom’s market however you can get help of these marketing facts and survey results on the Moms.

All e-commerce stores, baby product retailers/ affiliate marketers or anyone who are related to this market even parenting or baby bloggers must have to read this article to understand the market and have the clearer picture.

56% Moms thinks that Marketers don’t understand them


This is an important figure that more than half of the mothers are not satisfied with the current marketing strategy and marketing technique.

They think that marketers are not creating advertisement for them, not even marketing at the platform where they pass their most of the time.

Mothers are available on the Social Media Platforms


Mommies are not only blogger or readers nowadays, they evolve with time and now they use social media platforms to voice up their opinion, problems and solutions.

Millennial mothers are the most of it. You need to understand the figures, where women are passing their free time, here are the figure for American and Chinese moms. These 2 are the biggest “Mommy Market” so try to understand the graph in deep.

So here you can see that for US, 84% of internet population is on Facebook and 90% of all the moms are using Facebook. In terms of using the Facebook via their app is little less but far more then any other social media channels. 79% of moms using YouTube.

There is a good thing about Pinterest that more then of 85% of its users are female, and guess what 64% of internet using moms are using this platform.

For Chinese moms also, you can interpret the result same like this.

Let’s move ahead dig more to find opportunity for successful marketing to moms.

Motherhood leads to Increase Social Media Usage

Personally thinking, this is not a surprising fact, but yes, creating a lot of space of opportunity for marketers.

A man or women can’t know everything about every topic, so before and after the birth of baby they need to know and learn a lot about bunch of things.

In surveys and researches this is now not a secret that mothers use to pass more time on social media.


Till now we are only talking about the facts that we can make opportunity to market among mothers. Now we will discuss a part of marketing technique which we can use to go in between them with greater brand value.

Marketing opportunity in Moms market


Quality is the no. 1 purchase driver for mothers to buy baby products.

Yes, when it comes to buy for their baby, women don’t care for the sale, discount and offers kind of things. They only focus for the quality, and please do not make the mistake of trying to attract them by showing some weird numbers.

It’s different to market for a Baby powder and a fashionable dress.

61% of new mothers in the U.S. opt in for personalized loyalty rewards from brands

Now you can understand that why these baby product companies always keep changing their gifting pattern, their loyalty points pattern and other.

Every year enters with the new trend so, Mom oriented brands also keep updating their schemes and make them more personalized for mothers.

7 in 10 mothers-to-be in China like to stand out in crowd

Styling and Fashion has a pretty secured place in girl’s heart, and why it shouldn’t.

According to survey in China 7 out of 10 mothers want to be different from each other, in terms of styling, fashion and quality of the product for themselves or for their baby.


Environment Friendly Moms

This is actually great to know that approx. 35% of Chinese moms are environment friendly and they want to purchase the products which are not harmful for environment.

This is the number from China and this is not necessary that all other countries will show the same number, may be some countries could show a slightly better number then this but maximum will show the less then this figure.

Ready to carry on to another part of this survey?

Here we do not want to make this article excessive long and boring, but if you are the marketer who deals with this area or with this segment, you must read the another part of the article.

In another part of the article we will discuss the purchase drivers for mothers, and some serious touch point. We will take the help of proven results, survey and info-graphics to prove our facts.


Tips to choose Best SEO agency

Tips to choose Best SEO agency

Being a strong online presence is nowadays demand of every business, for online and offline, both. For a good online presence and attract some organic audience to your website, it is necessary that your whole website and its pages are well “Search Engine Optimized”.

SEO or advance optimization of your website is not an one day process and neither it is damm simple to do as one man army.

In this scenario, and to focus more on your business rather than learn the SEO you move to SEO agency or SEO specialists. Who can do this for you expect some positive results in return.

But there could be a lot of reasons to go for SEO agency, what’s your?

Why you’re looking for a SEO Agency?

Seo can be demanding for many reasons. You want regular organic traffic, want more sign-ups for product trials or may be anything. You first need to define your goals to hire a good SEO agency or SEO specialist.

Here are some examples of good and bad SEO Goals, obviously you should try to avoid the bad goals for your business.

Good SEO Goals for your business:

  1. You know people are searching for something, and you can provide them that in best of the condition. So you want to represent in-front of that particular type of audience.
  2. You’re trying to boost your revenue through new sales. And wanna use SEO as sales driving channel
  3. You’re trying to boost downloads or free sign-ups or free trials.
  4. If you’re trying to boost the sentiments in favor of your brand. If you have a lot of good review but       they rank below your negative review, then you should use SEO to optimize your website and pages     and influence the sentiment for your brand.


As like these there are some bad examples also like;

1 Now I only want the organic traffic from all over the world, rest I will think later, how to use the           crowd. You need be more focused, that why you want traffic and how that traffic will get beneficial     by your end.

  1. Ranking is the reason behind hiring an SEO agency? Oh hell, this will be backfire you for sure, if           you’re going to keep this in mind before hiring an SEO company. To optimize your website for SEO        will automatically help you to jump in the SERP, this is not a good or positive goal to set before            going for a perfect SEO partner.
  2. You want to beat a particular competitor on some specific keyword is again not a good SEO goal to      have. Because this type of goals is not related to your organization goals directly or indirectly.
  3. To influence the metrics. These are the worst SEO target, for which you’re looking for SEO specialist     or SEO company. Many one are still not very friendly with the numbers which can influence their           SERP ranking, and they should not be. Because Search Engines are not open to expose the                     influential metrics, but some of them guidelines are explaining many things. Like Social signals can     influential your search ranking and this is not a secret anymore.And if you’re looking for a way to         increase your Page authority and expecting some help in SERP then you’re going wrong.


So, this is very important to understand your and your organisation’s need. ANd set your SEO goals and targets only that can help you to achieve in your organisation’s mission and vision.

Your organisation does have a clear mission and vision statement, right?

Where to start finding a good reliable SEO agency for your business?

There could be many ways, it could seems like that, But its not actually true.SEO is a digital service and sellers have to owe the all proving and working methods to sell this also. For example, as a marketer everyone knows that mouth marketing is the best one.

In SEO industry again it is a truth and anyone will priority the other one or closer one’s advice and their experiences.

Everyone Google for ‘Best SEO Company’, you too?

Today we are approx use google for everything. Now we have some very powerful  voice assistant devices,so now you don’t even need to touch your devices right now.

Get back to the subject that many one start their search from Google. But as per may advices by industry and niche experts those may be fake. They also give some explanation to hold their opinion, like:

a) SEO companies are actually being very busy so, they have no time to optimize their own page or website to rank up in the SERP. They got more than enough work from their contacts and their old clients, so they do not need to optimize themselves.

b) Never trusts on the lists. List makers are in the business, so they only got ranked for these type of cheeky keywords and then charge some heavy amount to those companies. You’ll found many lists, and all of them will claims to be the best list but they only publish their list after having the heavy amount from those brands. Obviously, higher the rank you want, higher the price you need to pay.
Google results could not have influenced all the time but many times, because good SEO companies do not have time for themselves. Any of their article or page could rank on first page but they do not put much efforts in this.


Ask for your perfect SEO partner from your contacts

This is the most proven way to find the perfect SEO partner for your business. And the best will be from the guys who already have taken the services from different organization. If anyone didn’t ever use the services of the organization and advising you something. It means they will give you suggestion and those will be influential from somewhere.


You can opt whatever manner you want to search for SEO agency, but once you shortlisted few of them how you can have the best pick of them?

This is the real question and to evaluate a whole organisation in a very short span of time is real challenge. Especially, if you are going to do it first or second time.

But here questions are very simple and procedure is also not tedious as it could seems.

You only need to do 2 things.

First there are some mistakes, which approx. every first timer made. You’ve to avoid these at the time of finding the good and reliable SEO company for your business.

And the second is the most easiest and important part, because you don’t need to do anything in this step. You only need to ask few questions to your shortlisted SEO agencies, they will need to answer those questions and you’ll able to evaluate those agencies on the basis of their answers.


So move to the first step, “Mistakes”

What mistakes to avoid at the time of choosing SEO Company


#Mistake 1- Trust on “Top 10 Best SEO company” list


As above we stated that “Best SEO agency” lists are fake and positions have been sold in those lists. If you’ll believe on those lists and websites, then you’ll found yourself in very weird situation in future. Even, if the influencers are sharing these kind of lists, (whom you’re following) don’t trust on that list too.

If you’re thinking to try some of those listed companies, then too here later in article we will describe that how can you evaluate them. If in your evaluation those companies get good grades then you can go with them, but unfortunately, it happens very few times.


#Mistake 2- SEO Agencies are promising Moon and Stars and you dreaming for same


If you’re thinking to hire an SEO agency, or SEO specialist for your business, then we are expecting that you know even a little bit of SEO or you have a basic idea about SEO. Not only the benefits of SEO, even the process, timeframe and technicalities of SEO too.

Because if you don’t, then SEO agencies will make only promises you the moon and at the end of day they will deliver a piece of stone.

If you don’t have a basic idea of SEO then you’ll always got thuged by these fraud SEO companies, and you’ll never hire a good and genuine SEO partner. Because genuine one will never promise you some impractical numbers.

You need to understand the, no matter the amount you are going to spend on SEO, you’re not going to see the results overnight. I know you’ve already heard it 100 times but not expect some visible results in first 3 months. After that, if you’re with good SEO company, then you’ll not need to show the progress. Your business and ROI itself will start showing the changes.


#Mistake 3- They have some secret formula for SEO, and you think it could be



Are the Google themselves, or they built Bing?

All the search engines have kept secret their ranking and indexing parameters to themselves, but they’ve released some guidelines to do SEO in good and organic manner. And those guidelines are open for everyone, even for you too.

If they are saying something like this that they can’t reveal their secret method, its their business policy. It means you need to run away from there as soon as you can.

If they don’t even have trust on their techniques then how can you believe on their techniques. They will use black hat tricks on your website for sure, and your website can penalised for life.


These 3 red signals are enough to drop the SEO company’s name from your shortlisted names. But if in the first glance they didn’t show any of these signal then you need to evaluate them and expecting for satisfied answers.

How to evaluate SEO Companies

The best thing you can do is to ask questions, more questions and more questions. A good SEO company always will answer all your questions and you’ll satisfied with that. Even if you think that this question will be so silly to ask, ask to them. They will provide you the answer in very professional way.

Here we are drafting some basic and standard questions, that you can ask to them. You must should draft these questions in your own optimized way according to your business nature, and demographics.

Some standards questions are:


Q1. What process are you going to use to accomplish our goals, and why do you use those particular process?


Ans:- They could answer any of their process or they can provide some broad idea that how they will take care of your project. You should evaluate those process with your Brand goals and “Are those SEO process will match your SEO Goals?”

But in any circumstances, they can’t answer like “they will not reveal this, because of their business secrecy policy.” What you need to do after these type of answers, you knew it, right?


Q2. How often? What’s their cadence like? What metrics do they report on? What do they need you to collect? Why do they collect those metrics? How do those match up to your goals and how do they align?

Ans:- You have all the rights to know about their all the moves, and why they made it. It is totally cool that they do not have enough time to inform and explain each and every move after implementation. So, you should first agree on a time-break that after this much time they will show you all the metrics and explain you, “why they made those moves?”

Q3. What works and resources will you have to commit internally?

Ans:- To answer this question, they may name of some tools and other works, these also may seems off SEO, but it’s totally alright. SEO company can trick this answer too, you need to use your intelligence to evaluate this answer.


Q4. What do you do, when things aren’t working?

Ans:- Many SEO agency will answer it that, “They will experiment with other methods.” or “They will extend the time of contract without any other extra pay-off.” Few of them can also agree to refund a part of payment, if results after the term is not satisfactory.

But one answer you shouldn’t accept in any circumstance that “They guarantee for results.” or if you find them over committed or over promised to have the contract by your end. SEO is a slow process and no one can guarantee, everyone only can hope for the best.


Q5. How will you ensure implementation of our goals in the SEO strategy?

Ans:- This is the most important question and every SEO company will give the different answer for this, according to your goals for SEO. You’ll need a basic idea of SEO to evaluate the answer, that “Are they going to implement in good manner, which will match with your SEO goals?”


Q6 How do you define good SEO for your business?

Ans:- It is a very standard question to ask and you may have an already drafted answer for this question. But, yes that also should be up to satisfactory mark.


Q7. Can you give me a preview of the first week of working with you?

Ans:- Many one will agree on this, many one will charge a little bit for this and many one can ignore this just by saying SEO is a long time process. All these 3 are right at their end but you don’t need to go with the over confident SEO companies, who are promising you to show results even in 1 week.


Q8. How long do we have to wait in order to see results?

Ans:- Many good SEO companies normally ask you to wait at least 3-6 month to get the visible results. Rest you can use your intelligence to evaluate answer according to your SEO goals and time frame.


Q9. What is the role of SEO in business development?

Ans:- Again you may have an already drafted answer.


Q10. Do you think that Google algorithms will significantly shift our ranking?

Ans:- Answer should be yes, in my opinion.


Q11. What if your strategy fails to produce our desired results, how would we solve that?

Ans:- Answer could be same as the question no.4, because question is approx. same.


Q12. How many resources do you need from us to achieve, how would we solve that?

Ans:- This is one of the most important you should ask, because in general if you’ll not ask this question then after signing the contract they will ask you to provide them some assets (digital or physical). Suppose SEO company will ask you to provide them 5 article of a  month, 1 Video clip per week and some optimization in the website by the developers (Backend + Frontend). Then what you’ll do, will hire developers and Graphic designers?

That is the reason, you should ask first to contacted SEO company.


Q13. How long they have worked in the SEO world for?

Ans:- Maybe you’ll get an already drafted answer, but necessary to ask.


Q14. Have the worked with a range of companies from small business to fortune 500 companies?

Ans:- Answer of this question depends on many things like “which scale SEO companies you are approaching?” or “What is your budget to go for an SEO agency?”

For example if your budget is $1000 a month then obviously you’ll approaching those companies who had worked with Fortune 500 companies.


Q15. Have they worked with brands you admire & know? (Optimize this according to you)

Ans:- Totally depends upon the companies working experience.


These were my words on the burning question of “How to choose the best SEO agency?”.

We believe in complete communication and would love to have your comments back on this topic. have you ever hire any SEO specialist or SEO agency? If yes, then what is your experience on this?