How Managed WordPress Hosting solve your 95% of Technical Problems

How Managed WordPress Hosting solve your 95% of Technical Problems

Managed WordPress Hosting is quite a premium service and specially designed for Small and Medium Businesses or Pro Blogger. Because to afford the Managed WordPress Hosting service is not an easy task for newbie.

No doubt managed WordPress hosting sort out your maximum problems and most of them are from technical side. If you’re not a very well-known guy of servers and networking, then this service will be like boon for you.

Sometimes even you don’t have any Idea, what just your hosting partner have done for you to run your WordPress fluently and properly.


How experts manage your Managed WordPress Hosting @ MediaPropel

Very General problem in WordPress generates at the time of updating. Automattic releases the new version in regular intervals and with every new release they fix some bugs and introduces some new functionalities to make it more easy and useful.

This was the positive side of update process but the drawback is cause of your using Plugins.

In general WordPress installation here at mediapropel people using 20-25 plugins at a time. So, there is bit of chance that new version of WordPress will not support some old plugin very well or not at all.

plugin update error-MediaPropel

In this case the safest and recommended solution is to wait for the next update of plugin by their core developers or community. Till than keep “Deactivated” that plugin.

Generally, all Plugins got update very soon after new release of WordPress. But if you’re using any free plugins and community behind that plugin is behaving like dead than you may not get any update ever.

Sometimes with little changes in configuration or codes, that plugin may work perfectly. If there will some reason like that then here at MediaPropel experts will make required changes in codes and try to make sure zero or very little breakdown time.

But there is one condition, we should have proper permission to make changes in codes by you and Plugin’s Developer/Company.

Using most of your Server’s potential in Managed WordPress Hosting

Everyone knows better and wide server will perform better than the tiny one, but we shouldn’t upgrade to the bigger server unless best performance by your existing server is lower than your required mark.

server using-MediaPropel

Configuration is key to unlock the most and full potential of your server. Here at MediaPropel we experience that customers subscribed for the higher priced subscription for better and bigger server. Which is not really useful for their need, they are actually not using even 70% of their server’s potential.

These kind of cases happen only when customers subscribe without having a chat with our executives. Otherwise our support executives always try to suggest customers best fit subscription plan for them.

In these kind of cases they have one benefit, their servers can handle more unexpected load than usual. They’ll have more scalability potential.

But if you know your requirement very well then you should go for the best fit servers only.

Here at MediaPropel we are offering the most affordable pricing in the industry for Managed WordPress Hosting, and after that too we are deploying or migrating your very own WordPress with the best possible configuration to ensure the unmatched performance.

Don’t need to worry about Site Breakdown or Crash in Managed WordPress Hosting

In maximum Managed WordPress hosting you got this service as a feature. Here at mediapropel we monitor your website 24*7 to avoid any downtime of your site. Sometimes cause of any technical reason or any third party plugins which are not very good Integratable with the latest WordPress version. These plugin’s installation may lead your site to the white blank screen.

In any case if your website or your database will crash than too you don’t need to worry too much.

Because we took backup your database in every 24 hr. With MediaPropel you’ll never feel like you’re alone in this online universe, someone is working for you 24*7.

CDN: Reach to all over the globe instantly with Managed WordPress Hosting

Our experts at MediaPropel configure DNS and CDN (if you required) for you to reach to every corner of the globe in the blink of an eye.

Faster loading time means more visitor/customer and Greater SEO ranking, and in collective means we can say more revenue.

After this much of efforts and spending you’ll not love to see a slow loading speed for sure.

We all know the importance of website speed. Have you ever look Facebook is taking 10 seconds to load? Absolutely no! If your answer is yes, then you should check your Internet connection.

How to use Pingdom Speed Test tool

How to use Pingdom Speed Test tool

Pingdom speed test tool is quite popular nowadays in WordPress community. Pingdom speed test tool lets you explore a lot of things about your website and if very precisely you are able to read those, then you will get a lot of helping the idea to do optimize your website.

But in some cases, we see that people do some steps very correct but in some critical steps they went wrong and finally got the worse result than earlier.

This is the full tutorial for those who want the maximum result from their Pingdom speed test and there shown Data.

So, we start with the basic interface of Pingdom Speed Test tool. In case if you don’t know the URL then you can click here to go to Pingdom Speed Test Tool.

Pingdom Speed Test Tool Interface

So this is the very basic, neat and clean interface of Pingdom Speed Test Tool. No rocket science needed to get an idea, what you have to do now?

Yes, you guess correct. Simply enter the domain in “URL” field. Now click on the “Test From” field.

This is really a great and first time provided as an option. By opting the location, your website’s page loading speed will be tested from that particular location. Really cool feature…What do you say?

On other speed testing tools like GT Matrix or Google Page insight, they will not let you select the test location. But Pingdom will…..

Pingdom let you select anyone from these 4 as your test location.

  • Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • San Jose, California, USA
  • Stockholm, Sweden

On the Top of the Page, you can see Pingdom Logo, by clicking on that logo you’ll be redirected to Pingdom Home page. Now you’re in Full Page test and the another option is “DNS HEALTH” to check your DNS status.

After Entering Your Domain and Test Location

Obviously, you’ve to click on “Start Test”.

I know You’ve clicked already. Now the main work start, Analysing the data by replied Pingdom.

Now, your screen should look like this,

Here you can see, we test from test location ‘San Jose’.

Some basic and Important Data are shown here, like

Performance Grade: Performance Grade scores your page on the different performance parameters. Here the overall performance of the page will be shown. Like here YouTube homepage score is 77.

How can you get perfect 100/100 on performance Grade?

You can see here Page Loading time is 1.53 seconds and this is faster than 79% of websites which are tested on Pingdom.

Page Size is 2.0 Mb and total 89 requests found, which are asking to the server for response.

Here comes the main thing which redirects us or you can say guide us to the website optimization. ‘Performance Insight’:

In performance insight you can see the score on different parameters, and here you can have an idea that where you should improve your website.

Like for example in this test of, some sores are really poor and there is room for improvement.

After reading the performance insight you have to decide first that the insight which are shown with poor scores are important for you or not, every type of performance is really not important for every website.

Get to know about every Performance Insight in detail.

Now, move to response codes:

These are HTTP response codes for test page.

You can get to know more about different HTTP Codes Here.

Time to Go Deep in Pingdom Speed Test Tool Matrices

After these all, Pingdom will let you see the data in detail and part-by-part.

First, you’ll see ‘Content Size by Content Type’ and ‘Request by Content Type’.

From here you will see the Pingdom Speed test tool summary in detail.

Scroll up a bit and you’ll see that how Pingdom is letting you see the summary data in very detail

Like for example:

Page size was 2.0 Mb. And here in table ‘content size by content type’ Pingdom explain the whole 2 Mb. Now you have a brief Idea which contents consumes your page size.

In summary, you see that there were total 89 requests and here in the box ‘Request by content Type’ total 80 requests from different request types. In waterfall analysis, you’ll see all the 89 requests.

Explore Pingdom ‘Content size by domain’ & ‘Requests by domain’ Table

It is not very hard to understand that the first table which is called ‘Content Size by domain’ is showing the size of file or request from the different domain, from where test page is actually fetching.

For open a web page requests actually redirects from the different domain and every redirection is intentionally for a specific cause. The second table shows that how much request is actually generated from every domain.

And now, Last but most Important:

Pingdom Speed Test Waterfall

And here comes finally into ‘Pingdom Speed Test Waterfall”. This is the speciality of Pingdom.

Every speed test tool has their own importance, this is for Pingdom Speed Test Tool. Pingdom gives you a wide data for your test page and Pingdom Waterfall will look like this.

Note: Pingdom waterfall is very explorable and long too. So, we can't explain each and every data of this table. 
But you can have an Idea of how can you get most of it

What is TTFB? And how to find it in Pingdom Speed Test Result

First 3 link(in this case) is showing TTFB (Time to first byte). TTFB is time taking to load the first byte of the whole web page.

You can as per in this waterfall data first URL is “”, it means we enter this URL in our web browser and then it automatically converts into “”, because this was not naked domain.

Naked Domain is the domain which doesn't consist "www" at the starting of their domain name. For eg. ""

And in the third link “”, because it uses https not http only. There you can see written 61.4 kB, it means on this domain data of this page start downloading. On that moment when the first byte of this 61.4 kB was started downloading, timing from entering the URL into browser till that moment was TTFB. In this case, TTFB was less than 0.1 second, which is very good.

As you already seen in performance insight that some parameters was have poor score, but YouTube is performing exceptionally well.

That’s why this article is existing guys. Every Insight Score for every website is not equally important. Important is the website speed and performance, and that depends upon a lot of things. Pingdom speed test tool is very helpful for your website optimization to achieve a better website performance.

But sometimes the wrong optimization affect adversely and they got worse performance than earlier.

In this waterfall analysis, you can see the use of different colors and Pingdom makes things easy for you. On the top of the waterfall, Pingdom describes the exact meaning of each color and gives you the choice for sorting and filtering.

Please feel free to share your views and experience with Pingdom, in the comment section below.

You can fill and subscribe us for getting the latest notification every time by our end. Thanking You in Advance.

9 Major Factors, Responsible For Your Website Speed

9 Major Factors, Responsible For Your Website Speed

Website speed or Page loading speed is always a concern for everyone who is online, whether they could be developers, bloggers, designers or business owners. This is not a mystery anymore that page loading speed is one of the most important parameters of website performance and it affects website’s SEO in both ways direct & indirect.

Slow website speed does not only harm you in terms of reputation, even you are losing your deserved revenue.

According to Kissmetrics “Every 1-second delay is caused to lose 1% of your potential buyer or visitor.” Which is huge, really huge.

If your website is not starting to load within 2 seconds of click and if it does not load completely within 4 seconds, then there is 30% chance that visitor will switch to another website.

Some most FAQs about website speed or Page Loading Speed and its importance:

  • Why is Website speed important for business?
  • How page loading speed affects my website?
  • How to check website speed?
  • Best tool to determine page loading speed.
  • Website optimization techniques to load faster.
  • Is Website speed important, except than SEO too?
  • How can CDN help me to fix this issue?

If any one of this is your question, then you are referred at the very right place.

Go Ahead.

Benefits Of Managed WordPress Hosting on MediaPropel

  • Speed 98% 98%
  • Security 97% 97%
  • Daily Backup 100% 100%
  • Server Up Time 99% 99%
  • CDN and Scalable 100% 100%

Read Here More About Managed WordPress Hosting

Why is Website Speed important for Everyone?

Before answer of these questions, you should keep this in mind that there is a lot of things on which website speed depends.

We will decode everything one-by-one. First, we should list out everything which is responsible to affect website or page loading speed.

  • Server Response timing
  • Location of Data Centre
  • No. of requests
  • No. of Images on Page
  • TTFB
  • Plugins or Ad-on

These are some major reason to affect page loading speed. Page loading speed is one of the major factors of On-Page SEO. There are many tools on which you can test your website speed or page loading speed.

Let’s analyze these major responsible factors for website speed:

Server Response Timing

Server response timing is the major reason to affect your website speed. Server response timing is the time which server takes to response for every request for your website’s URL or any page’s URL.

This is also called Latency.

It directly depends on your server type. Like figure for Shared Servers will be maximum and we all know that in terms of page loading speed we want quickest as possible. The difference in VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated servers could be very minimal or like nothing. It depends on the server configuration and optimization.

Cloud VPS and Dedicated servers are the best in terms of performance but they are very costly. So you can’t go for them until you don’t really need them.

Location of Data Centre

Its most simple thing to understand in this article that if data centre where website’s server hardware physically present is very far from you or visitor then it will take more time to load.

Suppose your data centre is located in North US and someone is trying to visit your website in New Zealand. In this case data have to travel such a long distance, so, it will take time. And your website speed will we little bit slower.

As you can see here the difference in page load speed for the most preferable website on internet, from 2 different location. Because you only can choose 1 data center for your website, so this was a huge challenge to reach all over the globe at very very short time. Yes, you heard right, “It was”. Because in present time when every microsecond matters you can’t afford to be 1 sec. behind from your competitor. CDN (Content Distribution Network) service was introduced some years ago to solve this problem, and today approx. every large scale or globally famous websites use this to increase their page loading speed. Every large and Medium scale organization and companies using this service to reach everywhere at blazing fast speed.

You can go through this article to know every basic and deep aspect of CDN and how it works?

You will get the answer of every important question about CDN like:

  • My original Data Centre Location matters if I’m using CDN service?
  • How CDN works?
  • Should I use CDN service?
  • How to calculate the exact Pricing for My used CDN service?

And much more.

No. of request

Now question comes

  • what is no. of request?
  • How requests affect Page Loading speed?
  • What will be best No. of Request for great Website speed?
  • How can I optimize this to increase my website speed or page loading speed?

A request is a query by the browser to the web server for each and every action, file, HTML request and for third party plugins and their actions too.

Less request will help you to keep your page loading speed higher. Like If in your website you are using a Facebook plugin which is showing your likes of your Facebook page on your website, then it has to fetch the data from Facebook so, it will create one more action.

So, there is one more tip you can uninstall unnecessary plugins to keep your website speed up.

No. of Images on Page

No. of Images is very major reason and approx. 90% site are slow down just cause of non-optimize or uncompressed images.

This factor alone can spoil your whole optimization and expenditure on best servers and fastest CDN service.

Undoubtedly Images play an important role to maximize the visual effect and call to action, but it can cost to your website speed.

Because nothing can replace images and infographics. Even according to different reports images increase visitor engagement about 30-40 %.

But sometimes you uploaded large size images, willingly or unwillingly. And Because Images are also counted as file requests, so it increases page loading speed. Sometimes it hampers website speed very badly.

So, what we should do? There is the very easy solution for this major problem.

Optimize and compress images before uploading to the websites.

If you’re on WordPress then, many third party plugins will make your work easier. Many of them are premium and some are free. I recommend to go with premium plugins, some of them really work great.

The importance of Image optimization and recommend Plugins for image optimization and compression in WordPress.

TTFB (Time to first byte)

TTFB is also a kind of parameter of website speed measurement. According to Wikipedia, TTFB means

Time To First Byte (TTFB) is a measurement used as an indication of the responsiveness of a web server or other network resource. TTFB measures the duration from the user or client making an HTTP request to the first byte of the page being received by the client’s browser.”

Process and Time Taken under the Red boxes are TTFB.
Yes, in simple words, suppose your page size is 863 kb, you hit your URL into the browser and wait for load the page. Loading your page means browser have to download total 863 kb from the web server, that’s called Page Loading time. But in between, there is a lot of processes. Like if you simply hit the then the browser will redirect to the web server and first determine this URL is http:// or https://, then another request will pass by web server if website URL is naked (without www). Then browser will start downloading the page’s content. Timing between hit the URL and the first byte is downloading from your webserver is called TTFB (Time to First Byte).

Simple to understand by its name alone. Right?

How can you find your website’s TTFB?

Go to and enter your website’s URL for speed test. Then you’ll get these data….

When you’ll scroll a little bit then you’ll find the detailed time report request-by-request.

Time taken by the first two process is you TTFB.

Plugins or Ad-ons

Sometimes people use so much of plugins for their WordPress website which affects their Page loading speed.

Plugins in WordPress make many tasks easy and faster for us. Some plugins help us to convert our website into masterpiece dramatically.

These Plugins or add-on also consider as a different request for web browser by webserver.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting

What is Managed WordPress Hosting

Thinking to migrate your site? Not satisfied with your hosting partner? Or Heard somewhere about managed WordPress hosting? OK, It’s time to explore the managed WordPress hosting part-by-part.

First of all, managed WordPress hosting is not as simple hosting as like another hosting.

Second, it will cost you more than usual hosting.

Third, You’ll not free as like simple hosting. For e.g. you can’t use any plugin in your WordPress website.

Last but major one to answer “Do you really need for Managed WordPress Hosting?” or “Why you want ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’?”

OK, so now you know what are the things you have to figure out finally before migrate your site.

Why Managed WordPress Hosting comes into existence.

There are 3 questions, which are similar somewhere, as I Think. First is:

  1. Why Managed WordPress Hosting is necessary?
  2. Who opts for the Managed WordPress Hosting, if this is so costly?
  3. Should I go for the Managed WordPress Hosting?

If any one of these 3 you want to ask then you only should know the answer to question “Why Managed WordPress Hosting comes into existence?”

OK then, heading to find the answer of this root question. Many factors and the need for come this into existence you already know or at least you have an idea.

Don’t worry, you didn’t need to remind them. Only go through the article, you’ll know all the Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting.

Only go through the article, you’ll know all the Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting.

Everyone Knows, ‘What is WordPress?’

As we all know ‘WordPress’ is the CMS which is used by millions of websites. Nowadays 29% of the total domain using WordPress as CMS.

This is huge, really huge.

It means if you’re on a website which is not a government website or not of any company then it means there is 60% chance to be WordPress as CMS of that website. Not government website but many companies too using WordPress or their websites.

Other CMS means the websites which are not created on these platforms.     For a full list of CMS and Platforms click Here.
This trend Clearly Shows how rapidly WordPress grabbing the other CMS Market Percentage.
This data is enough to tell WordPress is so popular and its community is much bigger than you think.

There is more CMS or Platforms like Joomla, Magento and much more but WordPress is not only biggest platform even its fastest growing too.

When millions of websites will use WordPress then it was pretty sure that it will make its own kind of technology. Managed WordPress Hosting is one of them.

In Managed WordPress hosting mainly servers are configured perfectly for WordPress, but here at Media Propel we make some more changes in the server to set that more precisely for you.

First, know What Servers Do?

Hosting is the computer of your website when someone enters your website’s URL into his browser, then request will directly fetch to your server and dig for information on that URL. It took some time but in microseconds.

But imagine if someone tries to visit your website and it took 25 seconds to load, do you think visitor will wait till then. I don’t think, nowadays thousands of options available on the internet then why would they wait for that long duration.

How Managed WordPress Hosting helps to fix this issue

Your website should load with the blink of an eye. Here Managed WordPress hosting comes into the screen.

Your managed WordPress hosting provider provides you much powerful server than usual for WordPress and it can handle your traffic very easily. Websites which are hosted on normally reply for billions of request successfully every month. We also make necessary changes on their servers and websites if necessary to make those websites blazing fast.

Required improvement for Your Server is not ending here

Now imagine 10K people simultaneously try to visit your website obviously from different-different location, your server will reply each request but not at the same speed like it was working before. It will affect your website loading speed. Because technically, server request will complete earlier of near from data centre. The request which comes from a far distance from the data centre will take more time to complete.


CDN service comes here into the scene, but you’ll not need this service until your site very heavily crowded or your website data is so huge. Generally International marketplace use this service to reach everywhere at very short time.

Some website has very limited target customers or area, so they choose their data centre carefully. Than they didn’t need to opt for CDN service. Because, for example is very famous e-commerce website in India. They know their customers and 99% visitors will from India, then why they’ll opt CDN for US Data centre? Dive in Detail of CDN with this article.

So, now you know how your website speed got affect? and how can you get rid of them? How can you reach worldwide at blazing fast speed?

It was all about website speed. But managed WordPress hosting is not only about website speed, there is much more.


Bandwidth is defined as the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time.

If you’re not familiar with term ‘Bandwidth’ then be continue, otherwise, you can jump into next paragraph. Suppose any of your pages is 200 kb in size, and if 5 visitor visit that page. It means server transmit 1000 kb or can say 1 Mb data. If your bandwidth is 500GB then it means your all page views by every visitor should not be more than 500GB.

Don’t worry about Bandwidth, if your hosting partner is, because approx. in every plan, we offer unlimited bandwidth. It means you should not worry about page views or no. of visitors (Some plans are based on visitors). Read this article If you want to know more about ‘Bandwidth’.

Let’s concise it

So, now you have an answer what is Managed WordPress Hosting? Let’s concise it:

In managed WordPress Hosting all prerequisite tools and applications installed.

All requirement to install and launch the application (WordPress in this case) already fulfilled or done by hosting provider.

In MediaPropel servers are specially configured according to application and client’s need.

In managed WordPress hosting different Hosting Providers have a different kind of restriction, in terms of Plugins and functionality. But in MediaPropel as we say ‘Redefining the Managed Hosting’, give you the freedom to use what you want.

Always select your plan which suits your need. Only Extra Bucks can let your site run fluently? No, absolutely no. Whatever server you are using should

Whatever server you are using should be configured and architect to perform on peak always. There is very heavy possibility that your servers were not configured properly and doesn’t perform up to the mark. Result…! You had to upgrade your hosting plan.

Really a painful but necessary expenditure of money. But this is not the permanent solution, the new server will handle your site now but not that much as you’re expecting. Unnecessarily you’ll have to upgrade your WordPress website again.

In managed WordPress solution servers are configured properly for WordPress and perform optimum performance. We at MediaPropel configure each and every server precisely for application and client’s need. Not only WordPress, every application needs different configuration to run smoothly.

Backup and Restoration: Automatic Backup of your website periodically can save you from the disastrous situation of your life. Managed WordPress hosting partners used to provide Automatic Backup once in every 24 hrs.

Keep you away from the Control Panel: – MediaPropel Believes that If you are paying extra to your hosting Partner then why you are taking the headache of your Back-End. Let us or your hosting Partner do that.