From ERP to CRM, eCommerce and CMS

Most Used and Success CRM in Europe and Latin America

A large no. of European businesses relies on this CRM and successfully many of them completed more than 5 years on this CRM platform with millions of Customers. Now MediaPropel offers you the very same CRM at much less cost to use and get most of that, even more than existing Users.

Community Edition is not Best but Better to Use


Odoo provides community edition for free and its distributes as open-source CRM application. This edition has some limitation but if your organisation size is not much bigger and you don’t need every feature of Odoo (Nobody needs every Feature), than have a look on feature provided for community edition.

                MediaPropel will create a best server for your need of application and Deploy it with the best configuration. Odoo has 2 more Flavours “Online” and “Entreprise”, which only can provide by Odoo.

                If you think Odoo Community edition is not the best fit for you then please contact us and let us suggest you the best alternative for you at the most affordable rates. Odoo is not the last option, here check out this Best Awarded CRM for you. (link to Suit CRM Page)

Odoo ERP Features with MediaPropel

User Interface

  • Desktop


  • Invoicing & Payment

Project Management

  • Tasks
  • Issues

Sales Management

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Customer Portal

Human Resources

  • Employee Directory
  • Expenses
  • Leaves
  • Recruitment


  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Management


  • MRP

Website Builder

  • Website Builder
  • Blogs
  • Presentations
  • Themes (Extra Fee)


  • Full e-Commerce

Point of Sale

  • Point Of Sale
  • PoS Restaurents


  • Events
  • Expenses
  • Email Marketing
  • Live Chat


  • Chat
  • Google Spreadsheet Integration
  • Fleet
  • Notes

Why MediaPropel + MediaPropel- odoo ?

MediaPropel is the best available option for any application hosting at most affordable and genuine rate with the best possible configuration for fluid application operation. We believe in using the resource not on wasting the resource for generate more revenue.

MediaPropel is Global leader in terms of Open-Source Application hosting with premium class support for this much of Application. Not any Hosting Provider will Gives you to select this much of option of application for host and ready to provide the premium support for each and every instance.

To match the enterprise requirement is not a joke. Team should have years of experience and should have an Army of trained and skilled employee to make sure the liquid operation of applications of our customers.

Prove the Authenticity of our Pricing

Odoo Comes in 3 flavours: “Online”, “Enterprise” and “Community”. We will deploy the community edition which comes for free. Our Application Charge is “0” zero. So, we also pass this for “zero”, Now comes on the Server side. Server Pricing will totally depend upon your application need, your database and more. Now the major part of amount which you’ll pay for us is for continuous eagle eye on your server monitoring, backup and Premium Support.

We think you got our point. Right?

Please Feel Free to contact us for any question you have. Thanking You!