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What is is web based company which run under the guidance and brand Ceswei Software Pvt. Ltd. MediaPropel is started and working on a very simple goal is to provide you the redefined, best and better Managed Application Hosting.

MediaPropel is not here to “Go with the Flow”, we are here to change the managed hosting industry workflow. Application specific hosting is very popular nowadays, like WordPress hosting, Mautic hosting and more. But MediaPropel added idea to provide support for that applications and make the use of application easier like never before. Here at MediaPropel we not only deploy the application on fastest sever with best configuration, we also provide support for most of the Open-Source applications which are recommended. Only Server and Networking related limited knowledge is not the hurdle to use the open-source application, support is also one of them, and we are sorting it out.

I can't Login! Help!

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Can I upgrade my package at any time? What would happen during the upgrade?

Yes, You can upgrade your package anytime. Upgrades or Downgrades won’t affect the database and your user information, its only about functionality and limitations of application usages.

How does your 'money back' or refund work?

It’s very simple and described totally on Refund and Return Policy Page. In short

  • Under first few days( 7 or 3) you can submit ticket for refund. (Note: Exact days and policy described on Refund policy page)
  • Refund ticket will review by MediaPropel.
  • Within 48-72 hr. MediaPropel will notify the final status of ticket.
  • Refund Ticket only will get accept if user is not provided the exact service as we committed in the plan details.
  • If ticket will accepted, then within 1 week refund amount will credited to his/her account by same medium.

Please see the Return and Refund Policy and Subscription plans details for more clearer picture.