Interface, you’ll fall in love with


Serving the users with that conventional black screen or heavy, bulky looking dashboard is a story of past now. Everything is well structured and arranged with the “Zammad” dashboard. Support Applications also can look this much attractive and easy.

Available for World’s Most Powerful OSs

Cent OS, Debian or Ubuntu, which one you loves most? Zammad can run on full performance on any of these. Zammad is not available for windows and MacOS. But don’t worry about OS, here at MediaPropel we have experts to deal with those technical things and deploy you the fluid operated application on the fastest server with best suitable and possible configuration.

Why “Zammad” with MediaPropel

Zammad comes in 3 flavours, 1 is community edition which is open-source and free and other is 2 is premium and Hosted and Self-Hosted version. In these 2 versions you have to pay on “pay as you go” basis. On these 2 Premium plans they limit you to use some of their functionalities and you have to pay such a bulky amount (as we think).

But Here at MediaPropel Scenario is different totally and we charge you the nominal charges approx. nothing(in comparison) . In return we take care of your application on server for every second. MediaPropel provides you the capability to use the application without any limit, even you can push the limits of application with use of extensions and Plugins. This was not the end of benefits list, there is some more. Your subscription plan is well designed and support inclusive. Yes, you don’t have to pay extra for support. What are you waiting for, Order us for your application now.

Cool Extensions, You never knew “They Existing”


Undoubtedly, Extensions make our life much easier. But here at Zammad, extensions just change the total workflow of Help Desk Application and provide you the control of all your contact medium and let you handle from just one gorgeous dashboard.

Well Informed Help/Suggestion is way better than Next Second Response

Is customer’s question bit tricky? Do you need to talk to your seniors or need to contact to the respective department? Now they all are just one click away. Yes, from your application dashboard you can discuss on any ticket, ask for help or ask the respective department to take action, without leaving you chair. Cool………..Right?