“The Great Black Friday”

So, excited for The Great Black Friday Sale once again?

Come on don’t lie. Of course, you are.

Even Everybody is waiting eagerly for this “Loot”.

Now, this year purely online services too will not be untouched by this offer. Yes, MediaPropel is Inviting you all to grab the best from this Black Friday and make it really special.

This Time MediaPropel will break each and every limit of the Price cut.

The Great Black Friday

will Become

Mega Discounted Friday

Sale will Start in








First Come First Serve

We will have to handle a tremendous digital crowd on MediaPropel on the Black Friday and Thanks Giving Sales.

So, we are inviting you to get early access to this Black Friday sale directly into your inbox.

Only if you have.... It's you call not necessary.
  • Expected Price Cut on WordPress Managed Hosting 85% 85%
  • Expected Price Cut on Mautic Managed Hosting 90% 90%
  • Expected Price cut on CRMs Managed Hosting 78% 78%
  • Expected Price Cut on ERPs Managed Hosting 75% 75%
  • Expected Price Cut on Help Desk Managed Hosting 90% 90%


Average Discount Rate will be

Why Black Friday Deal is Special

In terms of shopping, whether it could be online or offline. Shopping should be fun instead of bothering people.

Black Friday Sale is actually the occasion for shoppers and chance to grab the most from it.

This Black Friday Sale is our First Chance to serve you and we really don’t want to lose this chance. We always push ourselves beyond the limit to achieve Goals and your positive replied continues refueling the team.

This Black Friday we will break all record for Discount on Digital services and we bet you’ll love this new price cut scheme.