Hey folks, Today we’ll talk bout, one of the most targeted market in the world ”India”.

For every scale business ‘India’ is their one of the favorite places to market and attract the consumers from.

Very first start the Indian Market Report with easy numbers.

India is second largest country in terms of population, and sixth largest in terms of economy. Its population is approx. 135 crore and counting.

Now you can understand that why every business is excited to enters into India. If 1% of population even would adopt their products, that also would be a very big number.

Now we will dig this number a bit deeper to understand the Indian Market scenario in more detail.

Let’s start Indian Market report 2018 with Indian population


Very first categorization on the basis of gender. In India gender gap is bit high, but gap is closing day-by-day and may be till next decade situation would be normal.

In present time 69.7% of Indian population is Male and only 30.3% are female.


There is one more number, which is not so proudful for us as Indian, that is Indian educational situation.

59% of Indian public is 12th passed or lower only 41% population have completed their education of graduation or higher.

Indian govt. is trying hard and launches some new, helpful and attractive schemes to improve this number and till some extent these schemes are successful even.

Now talk about the power factor of India

In Indian market report 2018 you’ll find it  interesting to research and know the Indian consumer, because India is the youngest country in the world.

Here, have a look these numbers into detail.

42.5% of population is between 16-24 yrs. Of age.

31.5% of population is between 25-34 yrs. Of age.

14.6% public’s age is between 35-44 yrs.

7.8% people are between 45-54 yrs. Of age.

3.5% are aged between 55-64 yrs.

If you’ll add all the number then it would become approx. 100% because the participants of survey was 16-64 yrs. Of age. If you’ll add the population from the age ‘0’ to ‘maximum’ then numbers would change slightly and it will become more vogue to analyse.

Now, it’s time to categorize this large number according to their context of living area.

Indian Population according to their living context

India is called the country of villages. But numbers are saying something else.

68.5% population lives in ‘Urban’ areas.

18.7% population lives in ‘semi-urban’ areas, &

12.8% population lives in Rural areas.

Of-course, here the definition of ‘Urban’ & ‘Semi-Urban’ could be debatable, but even after changing the parameters slightly, this number would not change on large scale.

Indian Consumer Lifestyle

Now, look into their lifestyle. Let’s segment these 135 cr. People according to their lifestyle.

To understand the Indian market and consumers, it is very important to know about their lifestyle.

Donating to charity

3.6% people use to donate in charity regular.

16.6% of population semi-regular in charity

68.8% are occasional donators for charity.

10.9% never use to engage with the charity program.

Now, talk about “Drink Alcohol”

9.2% are regular drinkers.

15.2% are semi-regular drinkers.

29.6% use to drink alcohol occasionally.

44.5% public do-not use to drink alcohol.

Another segmentation category is driving a car

24.8% people use to drive regular.

21.1% drive on semi-regular basis

22.2% people occasionally drives a car.

32.0% people never use to drive cars.

Next segmentation is Eating fast food

Of course we will see some exciting numbers here.

35.6% people use to eat fast food regular

16.8% are semi-regular

40.5% are occasional fast-food eaters

7.1% are never use to eat fast-food

We really don’t have any idea that how these 7% people use to survives?

Now, the next segmentation is

“Eat out at restaurant”

11.6% are regular in visiting the restaurant,

39.9% are semi-regular in this context,

43% are occasional visitors and

5.2% people do not engage themselves in this lifestyle.

Food delivery services in India is also a reason, why some people are occasional or semi-regular in going out the restaurant and eat there.

Numbers in next lifestyle for Indians are quite surprising. Next lifestyle segment is


13.0% people go abroad very often cause of their business.

21.9% are semi-regular in this segment.

13.5% people occasional have foreign business trip, &

51.6% never go foreign country for their business work.

Other lifestyle segment is

“Vacation in home country”

41.9% people use to spend their vacation in home country, and

39.8% are semi-regular in this segment.

11.0% people use to be in foreign in their vacation days & occasional they use to pass their vacation in home country.

7.3% people love to pass their all vacation in foreign country.

If we’ll talk about the segment

“Vacation Abroad”

then numbers are actually opposite of previous segment with slight changes

12.8% people, regularly be in abroad for their vacation

25.9% people are semi-regular to going abroad in every vacation

18.6% people occasionally go abroad on vacation

42.8% people never go on vacation abroad.

Next segment in lifestyle is very important number and that is

“Use public transport”

33.4% people use public transport on regular basis.

31.4% people use public transport, but not much on regular basis they are considered as semi-regular users.

31.2% people occasional use public transport, they love to use their own vehicle

4.0% are never used public transport.

These was the 10 lifestyle segment and their survey result. By these numbers you could have many ideas about Indian consumer and your marketing campaigns or strategy for marketing campaigns would have many helpful data about Indian market for business.

Now, have a look on

Top 10 interest of Indians

Music:- 63% Indians mark music as their first interest, Indian loves music. What do you think, what could be the second after music.

Yes, movies. Films/Movies got 57% vote, this is one of the reason that India is the biggest producer of films of different languages of every genre.

You know what, Food/Restaurant/Cooking is the third most interested thing in India with 49%.

Actually, Indians loves Science & Technology as same as 49%.

Quite curious people to know about Science & Tech buzz.

45% are interested to talk or listen about Gadgets.

43% people interested in Travelling & exploring new places.

By the way same percentage of people, 43% are interested in Television.

Health & Fitness is the interest for 41% of people.

39% Indians are interested in Books/Reading.

Same number, 39% people in India are interested in Personal Healthcare.

This all numbers and data was on population and their interests.

Now talk something about Indians behavior on different-different context.

Behavior of Indian Consumers – Indian Market Report 2018

According to a report, in 2012,

26% Indian mobile users were spending the 01:26 (HH:MM) daily on mobile, but things changes very rapidly and in 2017 it reaches to 03:25 (HH:MM) by 46% of Indian mobile users.

Why and how it got increased it’s a discussion and we will discuss on this topic in later article.

And now here is the data of time spent online by Indians per day on avg. people of age group 16-24 spent 03:46 (HH:MM) online on any PC, desktop, tablet & same age group spent 03:44 (HH:MM) time online on Mobile phone.

Age group of 25-34 spent 04:25 (HH:MM) online on laptop or PC and spent 03:44 (HH:MM) on avg. on mobile.

35-44 age group people spent 04:17 (HH:MM) online on PC/desktop/tablet on avg. daily and 3 hrs. on mobile everyday.

People of age 45-54 spent daily 4 hrs. online on PC/Laptop & on avg. they daily spent 02:09 (HH:MM) online on mobile.

People of 55-64 spent their 03:33 (HH:MM) online on desktop or laptop daily on avg. approx. 01:55 (HH:MM) on mobile for being online.

India is not one of those countries who adopted the voice search or voice commanding option. But in research approx. 49% people use tech in last month. This 49% is the number of all devices, if we will categories it into devices, then mobile will get 34%, computer/Laptop will get 21% & tablets have the least 5%.

Next 2 figures are important for the mobile market and tech market.

Which brand’s mobile Indian own or want to own

In the last month of 2018, top mobile brands in India and their market share was like this.

According to Indian Market Report 2018, 35% people owned “Samsung” and 44% choose this brand as their first preference for next upgrade.

Very far away from leader, but ‘Xiaomi’ got the second place by 17% and 18% choose this brand for their next upgrade.

Third position is owned by the delicate ‘iPhone’ and 42% people want to own this brand in their next upgrade. Which could be disturbing no. for the leader ‘Samsung’.

Unexpectedly, Lenovo is on fourth place by 12% and only 10% choose this brand as their preference for their next upgrade.

10% have Motorola and 14% prefer this as their preference for next upgrade. Which is quite good number in comparison of its parent brand ‘Lenovo’.

Now, here is the number, by which you can have a great idea that how frequently and who replace their mobile per year in India.

If we’ll talk about the age group 16-24, then 58% of the age group members have plans to change their mobile phone in next 12 months.

72% people of age 25-34 group have plan to change mobile phone in next 12 months.

71% of 35-44 age group planning to change their in next 12 months.

66% from the age group 45-54 &

60% from the age group of 55-64 yrs. Are planning to change or upgrade their mobile phones in or within next 12 months.

In this segment we see the least number from the age group of 16-24 yrs. We should keep this in mind that this age group Indian, generally do not earn money.

Continued in Indian Market Report 2018 part- 2

This was about the Indian consumer’s lifestyle and behavior on different context.

In the next part of Indian Market Report 2018 part 2 we will have a detailed look on the 2 different and important figures for business. That is Type of Media consuming by Indian consumer and how Indians love to use their second screens and in last we will discuss in detail on the behavior of Indian consumer for e-commerce marketplace.

Will have a detailed report and look, full buying behavior. From discovering a product to own that.

If you’ve any suggestion or advice on this first part of India market report 2018, then please mention those all in comment box.
Thanking you for now and will see you soon in the next part of Indian Market report 2018.

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