Here in this article, we will have a comparison of Mailchimp vs Mautic in terms of their pricing.

Who don’t know Mailchimp as Email automation. But everyone is well aware of their high pricing as well.

If you are not well aware with the name MailChimp or Mautic, than let me introduce you to the tools.

Those are Email Marketing Automation tool. These kinds of tools used to automate and schedule the process for emailing the subscribers. These tools made the process and workflow very easy and help to increase the productivity of Digital Marketeers.

Now some questions may arise in your mind, Like;

What is the Difference in Mautic and MailChimp?

Which tool is better to use and worth of money?

I’m on Mailchimp, should I move to Mautic? If yes, then why?

You may have many questions like this, then you can read here our previous article on a detailed comparison of Mailchimp vs Mautic in terms of features. We cover there each and every aspect approx. for everyone. Like for Bloggers, digital marketers and for small businesses too.

OK, then let’s start the pricing comparison with the basic plan of Mailchimp vs Mautic.

Note: Here we will consider 2 different sources for Mautic Pricing. 1 is from and another from

OK then,


Start the comparison Mailchimp vs Mautic

Comparison on very basic Plan: On Free Plan

The very basic plan is its free plan. In their free plan, they offer email list for 2000 subscriber and email credit of 12000 per month.

And please don’t be in a confusion that you can use all those 12000 email credits in a day if you want. Of course, you can’t. Simply think about it, if a customer is containing 2000 subscriber, will Mailchimp allow them to send 12000 emails in a day?

They are very good with pricing and always makes a kind of pricing which should look attractive but vogue.

Best results from Mautic can get only via 2 sources. 1st is MediaPropel and another is

Why are we considering MediaPropel as the first choice? You’ll know it in next some lines.

If we will talk about’s first and lowest plan than yes, they are also offering the basic plan as ‘Free Plan’. In their free plan they offering services for very limited subscribers with a daily limit of email sending.

Basically, they offer this free account only to test the application. Because in their free plan you can’t import of contact list even in the list no. of subscribers are under limits.

Mautic too resists users to use approx. 70% of their features are unavailable in their free plan like you can’t import your contact list if you are on free plan.

Here at MediaPropel, we don’t offer any free plan. We are Managed Application Hosting Provider so we don’t charge for the application. Because Mautic is an open-source application and it comes for free and no restriction so we also don’t want to bind you in any restriction.

Mailchimp vs Mautic Pricing comparison: Basic Paid Plan

Now, from here Mailchimp start to trick your mind and push you to spend more & more for less. Even you’ll can’t think of any other alternatives, because on internet ads and in Google search most of the Email marketing service provider which you see, follow the same pricing measures.

First, we will discuss on’s plan. They have the lowest starting plan is from $500. That is much more than expected. Even after that too price can be increased, depends upon your no. of subscribers.

Because the lowest pricing we offer you here so we will use our pricing as base pricing for the Mailchimp vs Mautic pricing comparison.

Here at media propel, our second plan is for $199 and we name that plan as ‘Silver’ plan. In our Silver Plan, we suggest our customers keep up-to 75K contact. Yes, mark the word. We suggest not bind them. They can keep more than that but the cause of excessive contacts application fluency may get affected. In our any plan there is no any feature restrictions, in our every plan you are open to using all the features of Mautic. Only our pricing will change on no. of subscribers and Email credits.

At the same time for the same no. of subscribers, you’ll have to pay approx. $574. You’ll pay $375 for email credit and $199 for pro subscription. So your total billing amount will $574.

In this plan, we allow 250K monthly emails credit and MailChimp allow 900K emails credit. But $375 extra bucks for 650K email credit? Is that a fair deal?

MailChimp vs Mautic: Pricing Comparison (High-End Plans)

Same like this plan, in our next plan (Gold) we provide 500K emails credit for 150K subscribers at $499. Where Mailchimp charge $675 + $199 for the same no. of subscribers with the 1800K mail credits.

Here at mediapropel we are providing the 500K mail credit and you can buy other 1300K mail credit from Amazon SES in just $130. So your total costing will $629 for 150K + subscribers with 1800K email credits.

So, in this deal, you can save $245 for the same no. of subscribers with the same no. of email credits.

So, as you can see in each and every plan we are offering you very dynamic pricing with huge saving. MediaPropel always believes in offering the services at the lowest cost. Our each and every plan is well tailored and customized for small businesses and Bloggers.

In our custom pricing, we offer the exact price for the need of customers. In the custom pricing for bulk email credits and no. of subscriber, we offer them much lower fees. If you’re an agency and looking for Cheapest Email Automation tool here is the deal for you.

Feel free to contact us for more on pricing comparison of Mailchimp vs Mautic or for any service details. Do you need custom Pricing? Don’t worry, Chat with us or drop us a mail, we will reach back to you ASAP. Thank You!