Managed WordPress Hosting is quite a premium service and specially designed for Small and Medium Businesses or Pro Blogger. Because to afford the Managed WordPress Hosting service is not an easy task for newbie.

No doubt managed WordPress hosting sort out your maximum problems and most of them are from technical side. If you’re not a very well-known guy of servers and networking, then this service will be like boon for you.

Sometimes even you don’t have any Idea, what just your hosting partner have done for you to run your WordPress fluently and properly.


How experts manage your Managed WordPress Hosting @ MediaPropel

Very General problem in WordPress generates at the time of updating. Automattic releases the new version in regular intervals and with every new release they fix some bugs and introduces some new functionalities to make it more easy and useful.

This was the positive side of update process but the drawback is cause of your using Plugins.

In general WordPress installation here at mediapropel people using 20-25 plugins at a time. So, there is bit of chance that new version of WordPress will not support some old plugin very well or not at all.

plugin update error-MediaPropel

In this case the safest and recommended solution is to wait for the next update of plugin by their core developers or community. Till than keep “Deactivated” that plugin.

Generally, all Plugins got update very soon after new release of WordPress. But if you’re using any free plugins and community behind that plugin is behaving like dead than you may not get any update ever.

Sometimes with little changes in configuration or codes, that plugin may work perfectly. If there will some reason like that then here at MediaPropel experts will make required changes in codes and try to make sure zero or very little breakdown time.

But there is one condition, we should have proper permission to make changes in codes by you and Plugin’s Developer/Company.

Using most of your Server’s potential in Managed WordPress Hosting

Everyone knows better and wide server will perform better than the tiny one, but we shouldn’t upgrade to the bigger server unless best performance by your existing server is lower than your required mark.

server using-MediaPropel

Configuration is key to unlock the most and full potential of your server. Here at MediaPropel we experience that customers subscribed for the higher priced subscription for better and bigger server. Which is not really useful for their need, they are actually not using even 70% of their server’s potential.

These kind of cases happen only when customers subscribe without having a chat with our executives. Otherwise our support executives always try to suggest customers best fit subscription plan for them.

In these kind of cases they have one benefit, their servers can handle more unexpected load than usual. They’ll have more scalability potential.

But if you know your requirement very well then you should go for the best fit servers only.

Here at MediaPropel we are offering the most affordable pricing in the industry for Managed WordPress Hosting, and after that too we are deploying or migrating your very own WordPress with the best possible configuration to ensure the unmatched performance.

Don’t need to worry about Site Breakdown or Crash in Managed WordPress Hosting

In maximum Managed WordPress hosting you got this service as a feature. Here at mediapropel we monitor your website 24*7 to avoid any downtime of your site. Sometimes cause of any technical reason or any third party plugins which are not very good Integratable with the latest WordPress version. These plugin’s installation may lead your site to the white blank screen.

In any case if your website or your database will crash than too you don’t need to worry too much.

Because we took backup your database in every 24 hr. With MediaPropel you’ll never feel like you’re alone in this online universe, someone is working for you 24*7.

CDN: Reach to all over the globe instantly with Managed WordPress Hosting

Our experts at MediaPropel configure DNS and CDN (if you required) for you to reach to every corner of the globe in the blink of an eye.

Faster loading time means more visitor/customer and Greater SEO ranking, and in collective means we can say more revenue.

After this much of efforts and spending you’ll not love to see a slow loading speed for sure.

We all know the importance of website speed. Have you ever look Facebook is taking 10 seconds to load? Absolutely no! If your answer is yes, then you should check your Internet connection.